Best Cryptocurrency News Aggregators You Must Know In 2018


In this article we will make a list of the most important cryptocurrency news aggregators in the market. All of them have great features and would allow you to be informed at all times.

Cryptopanic – “If You Are Going To Panic, Panic Early”

Cryptopanic is one of the most interesting cryptocurrency news aggregators in the market right now. That’s because it has a feature that allows individuals to check whether an important event or a certain information affects positively or negatively the markets. Right now, it’s the leading cryptocurrency news aggregator.

The developer of the website wrote on Bitcointalk:

“I got tired of running around cryptocurrency news and subreddits to understand why prices are suddenly skyrocketing or falling.”

If you are day-trading or you can’t understand why the markets are crashing or skyrocketing, then this tool will help you. Each news that is featured can be marked as “bullish”, “bearish”, or “important.” In this way, the community can define which news have good or bad influence on the price of a specific cryptocurrency.

The platform allows you to filter the content it shows in different ways. You can select the content of a specific news website, or just by the cryptocurrency that is being mentioned the most. The news that have ben selected as bearish will be marked with a red arrow down, and those selected as bullish will be marked with a green arrow up.

At the same time, you can also mark specific news by giving a like or a dislike, and you can even use the tag “toxic”. Another funny tag that can be used is “LOL”. It can be used in several occasions; we are pretty sure that you will find a great use for it.

If you want to receive the latest topics discussed, specific news about your favourite cryptocurrency, or any other kind of reminder, Cryptopanic can send you a notification to the messaging application that you prefer.

For Pro users there is a paid subscription that has included some premium features. The Pro version is $99 dollars a year or just $9 dollars a month.

It includes instant alerts for cryptocurrencies you want. You can add custom RSS/Atom feeds, Reddit and Twitter sources. You can disable and enable any existing default news sources, and a Pro badge will appear near your username. Other interesting Pro features will be available soon.


CoinSpectator is a cryptocurrency news tool that allows people to read and get informed about the latest trends, information and events in the cryptocurrency world.

This website features news from different sources and crypto-news sites, it has a price section with the value of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market, and it features the latest Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

If you want to have the most important news always with you, you can subscribe to their newsletter.

Moreover, CoinSpectator has also an interesting feature, they have their own active blog. There you can have information about how CoinSpectator is working and developing new features and, at the same time, you can be informed about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency sphere.

CryptoCoin is another cryptocurrency news aggregator that lists important news and information about the virtual currency industry. There are different websites that are featured in this webpage, including the most important ones as well as others that have less followers.

The information can be filtered by date, by cryptocurrency or by news source, as in other cryptocurrency news aggregators.

The webpage is operating since 2014, and it has attractive rates for webpages that want to promote their services on this website. The old site was known as, which evolved into a database of cryptocurrencies that organizes them in a way that they can be easily searched.


CryptoControl is different from all the other news sites that we have described. Why? Because the news feed is conceived in a totally different way. In the other sites, the structure was very simple, a news feed similar to a timeline, and the news featured there.

CryptoControl segregates the information according to different topics. For example, Blockchain, General News, Mining News, ICOs, and others. Each section has a determined space in the screen according the importance of the news.

These sections have inside, smaller squares that acquire their size depending on the impact of the information. The biggest squares are related to breaking news, important information or similar events. The smaller squares represent the less important news or the oldest.

This is a great site that allows you to visualize which are the most important topics being discussed, and at the same time, it has a very intuitive way to feature the information. If you want something different to the other traditional news feed, CryptoControl is a great choice.


CryptoFlash is another important cryptocurrency news aggregator on the web. The interface is different from other aggregators due to the fact that it has a dark blue background with white and blue letters for news’ descriptions.

In the centre-left part of the screen we find the traditional timeline with all the interesting news that may be reported. Each featured news includes a short tag that determines the topic of the information. For example, if the news source reported about blockchain regulations around the world, it could have the tag ‘Blockchain’ or ‘Regulations.’

If the topic is about a specific cryptocurrency, then the tag would be the name of that virtual currency. Besides that, it features the prices of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market.

Furthermore, if you want to register, you can do it, there will be more features available for you, and the ‘Log In’ button will not be bothering you anymore.


CoinLib is another platform that would allow you to be informed about the latest rends in the cryptocurrency market. Literally talking, CoinLib is not a news aggregator service per se. But it has a service included in the website.

As soon as you enter to the website, you will see the most important cryptocurrencies in the market ranked by market capitalization. You will have information about the total market cap, bitcoin dominance, and more.

If you are interested in following the news, you would only have to check the cryptocurrency news section. There will be displayed the latest events in the virtual currency world as informed by the most prestigious websites on internet.

Finally, if you create an account, you would be able to create and track your own portfolio, use alerts when prices move, and other advanced features that no registered users do not have.

CoinNA News Aggregator

CoinNA is another cryptocurrency news aggregator. It has a very clean interface that features a timeline with the latest news. You have also a search bar where you can type a key word or news source and all the information will be displayed.

On the right part of the screen, CoinNA shows the prices of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market. On the left side, you can select your favourite cryptocurrency and all the news related to it will appear in the news feed.

Additionally, the left menu has some other important topics like: Adoption, Technical Analysis, or specific countries. In this way, you are able to choose the category that you are interested in, instead of reading all the other news.


CryptoCoinOwl has a very interesting way to feature the information. As soon as you enter the page, you can see Bitcoin price and its change in the last hour and day. On the right side, you can see how alt-coins are performing as a whole. This is something that not all the websites have, and it is interesting to have.

Then, CryptoCoinOwl, also known as Ccowl, has rank change alerts for the top 25 coins, sudden spike alerts for the top 25 coins, and hourly change alerts for the top 25 cryptocurrencies in the market.

At the same time, it features the prices of the cryptocurrencies on the right side of the screen.

In the left and centre part of the screen, you will be able to see all the news from different news sources. Each new has the name of the site where it was published and the name of the author of the post.


CoinBeagle presents itself in a slightly different way than other cryptocurrency news aggregators. The first what we can see when we enter to the website is the price of the most important cryptocurrencies and a 24 hour’s graphic. The prices are displayed in US dollars, Bitcoin and Ether.

On the left side we can click the menu and select the “news” section. Once the page loads, a very clean list of cryptocurrency news will be displayed. The page just shows the latest news from the different sources that have a partnership with the site.

If you want to have the latest news about a specific cryptocurrency, you can always subscribe to their newsletter.


There are many cryptocurrency news aggregators out there, all of them have specific features that will attract your attention. There is no killer website, all of them are great, have good developer teams behind, and are planning new features for the future.


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